For several years now, Ecurie Lyford has brought together classic car enthusiasts – mainly, but not exclusively, classic Porsche. This website, intended to share our passion, is run by the founders:




Robin Coussement

Thomas Seydoux

Charles Fossey

Robin was initiated into the world of classic cars via the Milanese maker famous for its cloverleaf, and specifically a 1600 Guilia Spider acquired in 1969 and still in the family. Robin still collects pre-73 Alfa Romeos but is now also a classic Porsche enthusiast. He travels exclusively with his family in a series 1 SAAB 900 cabriolet and regularly takes part in the Coupe des Alpes, and no doubt other rallies to come, in a 1968 short wheelbase Porsche 2.0L.

Passionate about the so-called ‘short wheelbase’ models (1964-1968), Thomas has been collecting Porsche 911 and 912 in their various formats – coupé, Targa, 911S for a number of years. He is equally interested in the world of Porsche in the sixties and has a large collection of automobilia – The Milou Collection. Thomas regularly takes part in classic rallies such as the Coupe des Alpes, The Ice and Snow Rally and the Argentinean 1000 millas.

Charles set off at a young age with catalogues and motoring magazines. He moved into second gear in a 4L tackling the Atlas Mountains and the dunes of Morocco with famous 4L Trophy. Moving up another gear he went in search of the world’s most beautiful routes, combining a love of motoring with a love of travel. And top gear? He would like to build an eclectic collection of classic cars to continue to travel differently, and share his passion with friends and family.




Florent Chevrot

Camille & Lucas

Karim Noureldin

We are grateful to Florent Chevrot, photographer, who took all the detailed photographs of our cars you will find illustrating the site.


Camile and Lucas met in Paris and set up BigCheese graphic design studio in 2011. Forming a complementary partnership, they can look after all you design projects – from artistic direction to graphic production.



Working in the world of fine art, Karim is also interested in all forms of applied arts, notably mid-XXth century furniture and graphic design from the sixties. He has built a substantial collection of brochures and documents produced by the Porsche factory. Furthermore, he has owned a 1971 911 for around 10 years which he uses to travel all over Europe.